Johnny Sauter wins season-opener at Daytona | 2018 TRUCK SERIES | FOX NASCAR

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NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Highlights: Johnny Sauter dominates the second half of the Truck Series season-opener and takes home his third win at Daytona.

COMMENTATOR: Come out of the white flag. One to go. Two and a half miles left.

CREW MEMBER: Three, four. They're trying to create you a little gap. Still single file. Got one by himself out of line at the back here. Just try and get you a little gap. Five back to the second lane. Not going anywhere. 24 with you still. Just keep that 24 in your mirror. Right with you here.

COMMENTATOR: Lagasse's he's being patient. Is this the right thing to do? Look at him creating that gap we talked about.

CREW MEMBER: Inside 24. Inside 24.

COMMENTATOR: Ben Rhodes trying to get a run. Rhodes trying to get a run on the outside. Can Sauter hold him off? Here they come through the trioval. Sauter holding back Haley and Johnny Sauter is going to win the season opener at Daytona.

CREW MEMBER: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Good job. Good job, guys.

COMMENTATOR: Johnny Sauter slowly climbing out after an up and down night. Going back and forth celebrating his third victory here at Daytona. High fives for everybody. A little Gatorade bath.

Johnny Sauter, your third win here. A big hug for your crew chief. Wins mean a lot. You dedicated this to your crew chief. You said you told him you loved him just now on the radio. How big is this win for him and your team?

- This is big. This is for Joe, obviously, losing Chandra about a month and a half ago. I couldn't be more proud of him to overcome something like that think. I thank the old GMS family. All the guys. Bo, everybody back at the shop. Hockey. Hillbilly. All the guys and their head departments, you know.

This is the most unbelievable speedway truck I've ever driven. Got to thank Allegiant, Chevrolet. Both your tires were good. Just Kingman, Chevrolet, all of our sponsors at GMS. And my teammates tonight. Man, I felt like we executed flawlessly.

So at the end there I wasn't quite sure. I was looking in the mirror and I thought I saw them coming through. I was like I better go to the middle here and whatnot, but--

- Tell me about that pass for the lead. You know, your teammates were strong and helped you all night, but this truck got it done.

JOHNNY SAUTER: To be honest with you, I don't really remember the pass of the lead. I felt like we had good track position. We lost it a couple of times. There it is, right there. Yeah.

Just big momentum and I'm just so thankful to be driving this truck. Like I said, I can't thank Allegiant, Chevrolet, everybody, all these guys. This is the best group of guys I've ever been around.

And this is fun. Start of the season like this. Got to thank the sacred heart of Jesus, the blessed mother as always. And I just felt comfortable today. I don't even know why. I didn't have one nerve. I just felt like this was our day.

So say hi to my wife and kids at home. I'm sure they're up watching. And just proud of everybody. This was a team effort. All I did was hold the steering wheel.