See the full highlights from Martin Truex Jr.’s championship win at Homestead-Miami

NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Check out all the highlights from Martin Truex Jr.'s triumphant championship victory at the Ford EcoBoost 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

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- The driver from New Jersey and the team from Colorado are celebrating in Florida tonight. And Larry when you look at this season and you look at this race, this championship was so well earned.

- And John, we were not sure if the champion was going to have to win this race today, but for the fourth consecutive year that's exactly what had to happen. And I think for many reasons, this may be one of the popular championships that we've seen in years in NASCAR.

- All right, so let's take a look at how everything unfolded on what was a very interesting and compelling race. These four drivers would settle the championship.

- Yeah, all of them were really good practice. All of them qualified inside the top 10, so they started at the front of the field.

- And what made this race even more special, Dale Earnhardt Jr. was preparing for his final start.

- And he was going to have to start at the rear of the field due to an engine change from Friday's practice.

- And Larry, this is just cool.

- Yeah, this reminds me a lot of 1998 post-race with his dad, Dale Earnhardt Sr. after winning that 1998 Daytona 500.

- Very well deserved. But now let's go to the start of the race when the green flag waved. Martin Truex immediately took the lead away from Denny Hamlin.

- Not surprising considering the mile and a half track. Up front is where he has spent most of the year at our mile and a half races.

- But it was a non-playoff championship driver that was Kyle Larson winning stage number one.

- Yeah but those championship four, those contenders, followed him to that green and white checkered flag. Second through fifth.

- Now here was a very close call for one of our championship contenders, Kyle Busch.

- Yeah a green flag pit stop. He gets caught up behind Ryan Blaney. He makes the pit road. Actually had a pretty rough stop. A lug nut hung this time.

- So this was also Danica Patrick's final race in the Stuart Haas racing number 10 and it ended up in flames.

- Yeah, she had cut a tire down. Gets into the wall. And there you see Kasey Kahne, his last ride in a Hendrick Motorsports involved as well.

- So Danica was OK, but not the way she wanted to end the run in the 10 car. Kyle Larson was also able to win stage number two.

- He runs so good up this mile and a half track. Trying to end four consecutive DNFs over our last four races since he was eliminated at Kansas.

- So on pit row, the number 78 team gets Martin Truex Jr. out first, and he was able to take the lead. Kyle Busch comes out second.

- Yeah they came in second. Gained that spot right there. Track position important on the restarts.

- And out on the racetrack, lap 178. Kyle Busch passes Martin Truex for the lead.

- All day long it just took Kyle Busch in that 18 car, after a restart on fresh tires, about eight to 10 laps to get going.

- Now we see strategy. Three of the four contenders make green flag pit stops.

- Yeah we went back racing with 102 laps to go. You saw Keselowski there, Martin Truex Jr., Kevin Harvick. They were splitting it into thirds, but Adam Stevens in this 18 car, they were going to make it a one stop race splitting it right down the middle. 51 laps to run.

- So at lap 216, here comes Kyle Busch. He makes his stop. He'll have to go 51 laps to the end.

- And John I just believe this was race winning, championship winning strategy and it was looking exactly what they needed to do except when his brother Kurt Busch here spins and brings the caution. That wipes all that strategy out.

- So Martin Truex Jr. once again was able to hold onto the lead on pit road. This time Kevin Harvick came out second.

- Yeah Martin Truex Jr.'s pit crew, they've had a lot of ups and downs. But today, they were absolutely spot on every trip to pit road.

- In championship form. But with 18 laps to go, Kyle Busch passes Kevin Harvick for second.

- Well, again, he fell back on that restart after that last caution. But once he got going, he just drove back Kevin Harvick in that four.

- And here comes Kyle Busch, but in a battle with Kyle Larson.

- Yeah, Kyle Larson trying to win this race. Gets into the back of Kyle Busch with three to go. But he just backs off. Becomes very respectful of those two guys running for this championship.

- With a mirror full of Kyle Busch, Martin Truex Jr. was able to hold off his charging competitor and get the victory. In his 12th year of competition, a storybook year. Ended an up and down coaster ride season for Martin Truex on the right side of things. He is your champion. And there you see Larry, the championship four drivers, they were all in the top 10.

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