Kevin Harvick finishes the year third in the standings | 2017 HOMESTEAD-MIAMI

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Hear from Kevin Harvick after winding up fourth in Miami and third in the standings.

- We were just really lose the whole last run. You know, I think as you look at when it was starting to get dark, we started to get tight in the corner. And then we got a hole in the nose.

They got that fixed and just couldn't quite get exactly where we needed to be to make good time. So, some runs we fell off. Some runs we were too tight on entry. And, you know, there at the end, we were loose everywhere.

You know, the high line never really was-- I didn't think-- there for really any of the contenders that we were racing against. The 42 was making it work. But I think everybody else was, kind of, all over the place. I couldn't-- my line-- I couldn't run like I could in practice through 1 and 2, up in the third lane on the top seam.

I couldn't make that work all day. For whatever reason, I was just too loose up off the corner. So, just one of those days where we didn't quite hit it all right. But they did a heck of a job, a lot of effort.

I'm not disappointed. I'm proud of everybody. You know, everybody did everything that they could do to prepare and get to the race. And, you know, I think if you'd looked three months ago where we were and compared to where we are now, here racing for a championship and did everything we could do. And that's really all you can ask for is to put every piece of effort that you can forward. And they did great.