Kyle Busch comes up one spot short of the championship I 2017 HOMESTEAD-MIAMI

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Hear from Kyle Busch after he came home second to Martin Truex Jr. in the hunt for the 2017 championship.

- Well, Kyle Busch, walk me through your final race here this evening, your takeaways, and the efforts of you and your team, as well.

- Our guys did a great job. I mean, they gave me a fantastic race car. The thing was so fast on the long runs. And we really had a car for him that could race with him all day long and even all night long.

But there that last restart, we just didn't get a good restart. I never do on the bottom when I'm third. I always get sucked around and did. Lost a couple spots and then had to come back through and when I was, I wasted way too much time with the 22. And, you know, he was just air blocking me.

So, I had to struggle some time getting by him. And then once I did, I was able to get back up there and get to the 78. But, again, I just didn't have enough grip, didn't have enough tire left in my race car to be able to make a move on the 78 there at the end.

- When you look back at the year as a whole, how would you, kind of, assess the performance of you and your team?

- Well, I guess I'd say throughout the entire season we were second-best to the 78. So, they obviously deserved it. So, congratulations to them. But when you're all so close there, right there like that, and you have a shot for it and the shot's kind of taken away with a caution by a teammate.

And then, you know, racing other guys and just not being able to get through and then being stuck with the tires you have, it just frustrates you because you knew that you were really good if that caution didn't come out, your strategy was going to play right.

- Thank you, Kyle.