Brad Keselowski comes homes with a seventh-place run | 2017 HOMESTEAD-MIAMI

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Hear from Brad Keselowski after winding up seventh in Miami and fourth in the standings.

- My team, they ran as hard as they could run. They made some great calls-- Paul Wolfe and everybody-- and put ourselves in position every chance we could to make the most out of the opportunities that existed without just being lighting fast. But it wasn't there.

That's a part of it. You know, you're going to have times where you are the fastest, or you hope to, at least. And you've got to capitalize on those. And then you have times when you're not and you just try to make the most of them, force somebody into a mistake. And credit to all those guys-- we forced them to run as hard as they could multiple times and they were able to do it. I'll give them credit for that.

Yeah, you know, this track is notorious for the day-to-night change and being hard to get a hold of. I didn't think it was any different than normal. We were maybe a little bit better when the track was greener. But that's just part of the challenge at Homestead here.

I had one pit stop where I didn't get into the box perfect. That's about all I could wish I could change from today. Other than that, I feel like I left it all out there and ran a damn near perfect race. It just didn't have enough speed.

It's just a pleasure racing those guys, you know, as their career winds down. I've got a lot of respect for what they've accomplished. And he raced me pretty hard there at the end, but clean. That was fun. And I just want to tell him, you know, congrats.

Well, you're always going to be disappointed you don't win the championship here. But I'm not disappointed in the effort. There was a lot of great effort by my whole team and that's something I was proud of.

We just got to be faster. We can't show up and be that far behind on the mile and a half's. We know that. That Toyota car's a good ways in front of us and we've got to figure that out.