Matt Kenseth finishes 8th in what is likely his final race | 2017 HOMESTEAD-MIAMI

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Matt Kenseth says he's 'ready to go home' after finishing 8th in what could very likely be his final career Cup start.

MATT KENSETH: I thought we had about a-- it's hard to say-- about a fifth place car. You know, and the way the pit cycles worked out, I thought we were going to be in good shape. but just caught a caution there and got a little behind. I just couldn't really pass any more guys than that. So, we have decent car. We had a top 10 car-- maybe a little better than where we finished, but not good enough to go and run I don't think with the top couple.

Kind of ready to go home right now, to be honest with you. So, that's about it. So, it was a special week. It was a special day today-- special day last weekend, obviously, with the win. A lot of people did a lot of really nice stuff for me. So that, obviously, it makes you feel good. So, it was a fun week. Wish we would have kept it up a little bit better today, but, you know, not a bad day.

I mean, they deserved it. With this whole format, you never know what's going to happen. And I think adding all the stage points and all that stuff and carrying them over was a good idea this year because it ensured that the best cars were going to get here and get to race for a championship. So, you know, 78, 18, have been, you know, the class of the field most of the year.

78, 18 caught up about August. And between those two guys, I felt like one of them deserved it. So, Martin's a great, great teammate-- really enjoyed working with him and with Cole. And, you know, they've been awesome all year. They deserve to win it.