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NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Highlights: Christopher Bell finishes the highest of the Championship 4 to clinch his first career title and the second for Kyle Busch Motorsports.

ANNOUNCER 1: The White flag for Chase Briscoe, the final lap. Not only for Briscoe, but also for Christopher Bell, who runs second, and is your championship leader.

ANNOUNCER 2: And a pretty darn good way if Chase can make it around here to the start/finish line for Brad Keselowski, racing to end their truck series career.

ANNOUNCER 1: Briscoe and Bell, very good friends. And they will have a lot to celebrate and memories to share from this race here tonight at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Chase Briscoe is going to win for the first time in his career. And Christopher Bell wins the championship in 2017.

- You guys are the best in the business. Thank you. Thank you so, so much.

ANNOUNCER 1: The champion, Christopher Bell. Burning it down.


ANNOUNCER 1: And his buddy, Chase Briscoe.


PA: And your winner and new champion. Just a little bit--


PA: Over the next two days, the NASCAR--

ANNOUNCER 3: Here he is, Christopher Bell, 22 years old from Norman, Oklahoma. He is the 2017 Camping World Truck Series champion.


- Morgan, girlfriend here. Let me just say this to you first. You are the 2017 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series champion.

- Thank you, man. A dream come true. This doesn't even describe it. For me to be in this as long as I have, and to go out as a champion there is something that I'm really proud of, and really proud that I got all the burners at JBL here to victory lane at Homestead, at the champion stage. And they've been with me since day one in my truck career.

And really glad we have a lot of guests out here with us, between between Timothy, Toyota, TRD, Sirius XM, AT Solar, everyone at KBM. Man, they structured it so good, and they paid so much attention to all the details that goes into these things. And that's what makes the Tundra so fast. Just speechless.

- Talk about the pass for the championship victory. You battle pretty much everybody on the racetrack. Came down to you in the 19, the pass you made on him to getting the spot that you needed to get in.

- Yeah. It was a really, really tough racing there. We were really good there at the beginning of the race. And I kept telling Rudy that I needed to probably be a little bit tighter. That way I could be more confident in the truck. It just got really tight there, the amount of space. And it paid off.

- You came here last year for this opportunity. Maybe not the favorite, but you had another bad night that night. But it seemed like you learned so much from that experience. How much did last year prepare you for this night?

- It was huge, to be able to make the final four last year, and get the experience that you need to win these things, is really important. So once again, I'm really thankful that I get to run for another championship tomorrow with Joe Gibbs racing. And it's the dream come true to be standing here. We've got one more tomorrow.

ANNOUNCER 1: They want to present you with a 2017 World Truck Series trophy.

ANNOUNCER 4: And he's getting a big hug from Kyle Busch, one of his mentors. The man who gave him an opportunity. Hoist that trophy!



ANNOUNCER: Water is flying.