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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Check out all the highlights from the Can-Am 500(k) at Phoenix International Raceway.

- We started out the day with five drivers, going for one spot. But little did we know, what kind of a range of emotions we would see there.

- I'm not sure we had any idea that a driver would break over a 50-race win-less streak, in what's probably his next to his last cup race.

- Yeah, what an incredible story, and let's now take a look at how it all unfolded. The highlights from Phoenix, the second to last race of the season. What do you know it, Larry? Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott got together again.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: Yeah, both of them had fast cars, qualify in the top four, and have both entered this race below that cut line.

JOHN ROBERTS: So did Jimmie Johnson, and he had real trouble finding the handle on his car today.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: He had qualified 12th. He did finish 10th in stage one, but he just couldn't find what that 48 car needed. And he was getting a lot of encouragement to move the car around to try to find some speed.

JOHN ROBERTS: Yeah, but there seemed to be a little disagreement between himself and his crew chief.

CHAD KNAUS: I've heard that from about everybody, and they have all moved up the track. Like Earl said, over 50% of the people are running up the track. Why haven't you moved?

JIMMIE JOHNSON: I moved up and slowed two tenths, so I came back down. Every time I've heard fastest lap, best lap, it's been running the apron.

JOHN ROBERTS: So there it just didn't seem like they were on the same page.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: I know they've won three races. They'll be glad when this year is over. This is right at the end of stage one. He blows a right front tire. You could see Chad Knaus very disgusted. Goes to the garage area. Their quest for that eighth championship comes to an end in Phoenix.

JOHN ROBERTS: Yeah, but still one more race to go to get the ship right there. Brad Keselowski was 14th in stage number one, but he earned zero stage points today.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: Qualified 16th. Ran outside the top 10. Most of the day they made some gains, but he actually didn't score any stage points, in either one of those first two stages.

JOHN ROBERTS: So it was Denny Hamlin that won stage number two.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: With finishing second in stage one, that's 19 stage points in those first two stages. So at this point, he is even with the 2 car, Brad Keselowski.

JOHN ROBERTS: And the plot just thickens. Right now, 271. Chase Elliott is aggressive as he passes Denny Hamlin for third.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: Yeah, old friends found each other again. And you can see right here, Chase Elliott, he's gonna get into the 11 car, coming down the first straightaway. Then he gets into the outside wall and Chase just drives by him. And just a few laps later, Denny Hamlin gets into the wall. And that's pretty much gonna put an end to his championship hopes.

JOHN ROBERTS: Yeah that spelled disaster for Denny Hamlin, as he found the wall. And was not too happy with all of that afterwards. But again, he has one more shot to get a win. Now let's take a look at the restart. Always interesting anywhere, especially, at Phoenix. A little missed shift in the field, and Brad Keselowski avoided disaster.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: Yeah, this was what it was like, actually, the last restart. Eric Jones, who ended up finishing fourth, missed a shift. And he just jumbled everything up on that restart.

JOHN ROBERTS: So Chase Elliott had one choice, if he wanted to run for the championship. That was when, here he passes Matt Kenseth for the lead.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: Boy, having Gustafson, his crew chief, make some adjustments on that car, at lap 231. And it really brought that 24 car to life.

JOHN ROBERTS: But with 10 laps to go, here is a man on a mission. Matt Kenseth takes the lead back away.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: I promise you, there's nothing left in neither one of those drivers right there. Chase Elliot trying to race his way to Miami. And Matt Kenseth trying to get his first win, in over a year.

JOHN ROBERTS: Running as hard as he possibly can in his second the last race. The 45-year-old gets the win, as he comes around to take the checkered flag in a very emotional win. And Brad Keselowski was able to finish 16th. That was good enough for the final transfer spot on points.

So let's take a look at the race results, see who finished where. And of course, what a win it was for Matt Kenseth. Chase Elliott. And there you see your championship four drivers in the yellow. And where they finished here it was Truex, Kevin Harvick up there, as well as Brad Keselowski in the 16th spot. And he becomes a championship driver as well.