Flat tire from contact with Chase Elliott takes Denny Hamlin out of title contention | 2017 PHOENIX

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Denny Hamlin is taken out of title contention after a flat tire from hard racing with Chase Elliott causes him to slam the outside wall.

ANNOUNCER 1: Over 130 miles an hour as they enter turn three, and bumper goes to the back of the 11 again.

ANNOUNCER 2: Way off the racetrack.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, into the wall goes the 11. The 24 pitched the 11 into the wall. You heard the crowd. And now tire smoke coming out of the 11. A 7/10 of a second lead over Martin Truex Jr. And there went the tire. The 11 goes into the wall.

And as we saw earlier with the 48 of Jimmie Johnson, that could be the championship hopes going up in smoke for Denny Hamlin. The right side of that car crushed. As long as the 24 doesn't get up there and win the race, you see Denny Hamlin has climbed out of his car.


So Denny Hamlin will have to jump in the back of the ambulance, go to the infield care center to be checked out. But that ends Denny Hamlin's chances at a championship in 2017.