Chris Bueshcer plows into the safer barrier causing it to catch fire | 2017 PHOENIX

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Chris Buescher makes hard contact with the wall and causes it to catch fire.

- Another caution is come out now. It's Chris Bueshcer that has hit the wall. He was running 26 when it happened, but the caution comes out with 61 laps to go now. As a crew chief, now is this the pivotal caution that comes out and where do you draw the line as to who comes to pit road and stays out?

- Also take another look at the 37 right here, what happens to him he's coming through the dog leg, oh, it's like a flat tire-- tire explodes or brakes come through the tire. It's hard to say, Jim, but definitely an issue well before the corner for the 37. It's hard to say what it was, but it was violent looking. It was contact right there. Maybe it cut the left front tire down?

- That front shot looks the best if you take in a look as he comes straight on down the back stretch, you see some sort of mechanical issue. And it goes down into the corner and it's a heavy impact with the back of the race car, you see. Let's take another look right here, yeah, right front kind of smokes and locks up. Hard hit for Chris Bueshcer, and a lot of debris.

- Something's on fire between the safer barrier and the concrete wall.

- In between the safer barrier and the concrete wall those are Styrofoam.

- I don't think-- I think they're fireproof though. It's in between, it looks like to me. I don't know, unless they moved one of them and dislodged it, but I didn't think they could burn.

- Whatever that is, it is burning. You could see the brake rotors exploding. We'll take another look. Heard a lot of comments from a lot of different drivers and teams about heavy brake use. You see right there, the piece comes through the hood. All those dark pieces you see flying, those are all pieces of the brake rotor that's already exploded. I'm sure it damaged the wheel, that's why the right front tire went flat came up through the hood, and then poor Chris Bueshcer was just along for the ride. Car's fired back up as the fires are out from within the wall.