The “Chase for 8” ends after Jimmie Johnson suffers flat tire | 2017 PHOENIX

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Jimmie Johnson's quest for a historic 8th title comes to an end after a flat tire causes him to make hard contact with the wall.

ANNOUNCER 1: Jimmie Johnson in the wall.

ANNOUNCER 2: And the 48 is in the wall in turn three.

JIMMIE JOHNSON (ON RADIO): Oh, blew a tire.

ANNOUNCER 2: Jimmie Johnson. You see the damage to the right side of that car. The hood buckled up. Running 11th.

ANNOUNCER 3: Sounded like on the radio, he said he blew a tire, is what I thought he said right there.

ANNOUNCER 1: And a lap away. One lap away from getting the caution.

ANNOUNCER 2: Denny Hamlin's going to take stage two and the win, with the caution out. Parker.

ANNOUNCER 1: Guys, just as that happened there, when the 48 blew that right front tire, he was having a discussion with Chad Knaus and Earl as they came to the end of the stage about running the top lane and asking how high to run. They said go to the top, the ultimate top. And that's when he had the right front blow. They're going to be heading to the garage, guys.

ANNOUNCER 2: Now, make sure to correct me on this, but if they go to the garage, they're saying that's it. They're done.

ANNOUNCER 3: Yeah, the damage on the 48 is very severe. the whole right side is flattened up. There's no way this car is going to get repaired and compete for a win, which is the goal for the 48. So I think at this point, their day here at Phoenix is done. And the chance to win an eighth title has expired in 2017.

ANNOUNCER 2: Big disappointment for the 48 team.


Jimmie Johnson. A blown tire sends him up into the wall and ends his quest to get that eighth championship.