Matt Kenseth 1-on-1 with Kenny Wallace I NASCAR RACE DAY

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Matt Kenseth goes 1-on-1 with Kenny Wallace to talk about stepping away from racing in the Cup Series and seeing what else life has to offer next year.

ANNOUNCER: Big news around Matt Kenseth.

ANNOUNCER: He said, "If I cannot find a car capable of winning, capable of fighting for the championship, I won't take it."

- As we start our interview, there's race cars running around the racetrack. Are you going to miss the sound of these race cars every weekend?

- I don't think so.

- You won't, will you?

- I don't think so.

KENNY WALLACE: You know, that--

- Hope to have, like, a little-- well, you don't really get peace and quiet with all the kids yelling all the time. But I'm kind of looking forward to maybe not hearing engines all the time.

- Last week, you and I talked about you saying you're not going to look for a ride next year. You know, your stats are incredible. You know you're a Hall of Famer. Is that OK with you, or are you always wanting more?

- Well, I mean, I think every person that's competitive, and no matter what they do in sports, you want to win every race. You never really leave the track feeling-- at least, I don't ever feel like I did everything perfect.

KENNY WALLACE: Do you ever reminisce and go, my gosh, I can't believe I'm a champion. I've won two Daytona 500s, 38 Cup races. Do you think like that ever?

- Not really. I mean, honestly, it's sort of been a blur.

ANNOUNCER: Winston Cup win number one for Wisconsin's Matt Kenseth.

ANNOUNCER: Matt Kenseth gets the victory.

ANNOUNCER: Matt Kenseth wins.

ANNOUNCER: The celebration is on.

MATT KENSETH: I think maybe, I don't know, four or five months from now, maybe you look back and think about it a little bit more. But I feel like when you're in the heat of battle and when you're working on it, it kind of goes back to what we talked about before. I'm always trying to figure out how to be better today and tomorrow and next week. So I think once we get through the season, maybe it's something I'll think about it a little bit more.


KENNY WALLACE: When you look back on your career, is there anything that you would want to do over?

- I think the mistakes that you make and things you do wrong, as well as the things that you do right. I think that's all what makes you you, and what gets you to be where you're at and the person you are and where you're at in your career.

MATT KENSETH: I mean, yeah, the obvious answer is there tons of stuff you could go back and see mistakes and wish you could redo it. But nobody's life, nobody's career, none of that stuff is perfect.

- Your last race at Miami Homestead is going to be 650. Pretty wild that it's a clean 650. Do you think there will be more to come?

- If you want me to put odds on it, I would say that next week is more than likely my last race. You've got to have what feels right. Today, what feels like the right thing is to step away and see what else life has to offer next year.