Kyle Busch wins in thrilling wreck-filled finish | 2017 MARTINSVILLE

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Kyle Busch moves Denny Hamlin out of the way to take the win as the field wrecks coming to the checkered flag.

ANNOUNCER 1: Hamlin surges ahead, clearly out front. The 18 running second. Truex in third. Now here comes Bowyer, fighting back on the inside.

A little bump there at the 18. Side-by-side as they come back to the stretch. White flag in the air. Kyle Busch on the inside.

Kyle Busch up the racetrack. He moves the 11 up. Here comes the 78 of Truex Jr. into the final turns. Martin Truex Jr. has never won on a short track. As he comes out of 4, it's a drag race. They wreck behind him, Kyle Busch'll win.

CREW (ON RADIO): Yes, sir, a checkered.

ANNOUNCER 1: Big wreck on the front stretch.


A parking lot, right in front of the grandstands.

Ambulance coming out to take a look at some of the cars, if they're not able to continue to roll. You know, Kurt Busch is right now still just sitting, and now he starts to roll. So everybody rolling well, with the exception of the 18. The race winner, Kyle Busch, who now is guaranteed a spot in the Championship Four. Let's look how he did it.

ANNOUNCER 2: It's a good restart, launches very well. Pretty much as the 18 cleared. 18 makes a good run on the outside.

Looks like he's in great shape right here. Gets in the corner, just does not stay on the bottom. 18 gets into the left rear quarter panel, opens the door. Now they're side by side into turn 1. The 18 runs the 11 up the racetrack. 78 has the hole open for him now.

ANNOUNCER 3: And this right here, I thought it was the 78's to take. Right here, he drives deep in the corner, but the 18 gives him plenty of room. Wants to make sure there's no contact, leaves him almost a lane and a half, runs the outside of the racetrack, carries that momentum to the line.

And they basically-- the rest of the field wrecks behind him. It starts right here with Blaney and the 11 getting together. A hard hit by the 41 in the distance. Kevin Harvick going around.