Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott have heated argument after the race | 2017 MARTINSVILLE

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Chase Elliott confronts Denny Hamlin after the pair tangled going for the lead with 3 laps to go.

BROADCASTER 1: Elliott has the lead but Hamlin looks to the inside. Elliott diving, trying to block. Down the back stretch again. Less than three to go. The bumper to the back of the 24. Elliott goes around Hamlin, takes the lead, and the caution comes out.


CHASE ELLIOTT: He definitely wrecked me.

BROADCASTER 1: Denny Hamlin had the bumper to the back of the 24 a good 100 feet before they got to turn three.

BROADCASTER 2: You see right here, Denny Hamlin is all in the back of the 24.

BROADCASTER 1: Twenty-four up into the wall. Remember how aggressive these drivers have been up to this point. And now the aggression, even more because there's a spot in the championship four for a playoff driver. Right after the restart, up the racetrack, Brad Keselowski win after that contact.

BROADCASTER 2: Right here, the 11 feels like he's inside the 24. He just can't get inside the quarter panel. Tries to come back on corner exit, but can't stay there. Twenty-four has got the 11 cleared and he went to the bottom to block. And I think Denny Hamlin just, I don't know he didn't anticipate it or if he intentionally got into the back of him and just pushed him around. But, there's no denying the 11 was back into the 24 for sure.

BROADCASTER 1: Take a look at this. It looks like the 24 of Chase Elliott. Now you're seeing it Twenty-four and the 11 having a difference.

BROADCASTER 2: You can hear the crowd.


BROADCASTER 1: Chase Elliott. Once again, so close to his first win, Monster Energy Cup Series. Denny Hamlin fighting for a spot in the championship four. Just after the checkered flag came out going down the backstretch, you see the 24 showing his displeasure in how he was raced by Denny Hamlin. And then it was time to talk about it.

BROADCASTER 2: Chase Elliott, you wrecked me, clearly. That's what he's saying.