Joey Logano wrecks after contact from Kyle Busch | 2017 MARTINSVILLE

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: After making heavy contact with Kyle Busch, Joey Logano suffers a flat tire and spins into the wall.

ANNOUNCER 1: And while this was not a must-win for the two team, if they can hold on for 13 more laps in a crazy battle back there for third, it will be a win that they did need, and they proved once again when they said they needed to do it, they could do it.

ANNOUNCER 2: Big contact right there, the 18 trying to force his way in. Got into the 22. Those two got sideways. A lot of smoke coming out of the back of the 22 now.

ANNOUNCER 3: And this left rear tire could affect the whole field. If it goes flat and the 22 spins out, the yellow come out and decisions will have to be made. Remember, he was battling for position, and now he just cannot leave the guys behind him. There it is.

ANNOUNCER 2: And around goes the 22. Caution comes out. Under nine laps to go at Martinsville, and there'll be a restart.

ANNOUNCER 3: You could see that coming. You can see the speed come at him, the 22 car. You had to know the air was coming out of that left rear tire. Just couldn't take it down.

ANNOUNCER 2: Look back at how this happened.

ANNOUNCER 3: Yes, but the first incident that started this was just really hard racing. It's the 24 car up the racetrack. 18 car tried to fill that hole underneath the 22.

Logano came down. 18 car in the curb. Just, you know, Martinsville racing with a few laps to go trying to race for a win. And then you see Blaney, one of our playoff contenders, right behind Logano. Look at that. The door just opened for Blaney to slide through.