Jimmie Johnson seeking his 10th win at Martinsville I NASCAR RACE DAY

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Jimmie Johnson talks with Kaitlyn Vincie about going for his 10th win at Martinsville Speedway

- Now, here's a guy who knows a thing or two about Martinsville clocks. In fact, he has collected nine of them so far. His latest was this race last year that moved him into the championship race. Can he do it again today? Right now, he is with Kaitlin.

- Thank you, John. Well, certainly, Jimmie Johnson knows a lot about winning here at Martinsville Speedway. We were just looking at the Martinsville Clocks and how significant this place has been to you over the years. And where are all those clocks that you own?

- I've got a really cool warehouse where I really kept everything. I've been collecting some old cars, bunch of stuff from my childhood, and I've got a great area with those clocks sitting there. I also have one in my office at Hendrick Motorsports, so they're something I'm very proud of, and it just looks so great.

- Yes, very unique trophy to receive at this racetrack. So at this point in the year, in the playoffs, everyone's kind of fine tuning and making sure they clean everything up. What's an area you and the 48 team are kind of looking at just fine tuning right now?

- Yeah, I mean, there's-- you're always looking in different areas, but some real strengths I think that we have are our pit stops. You know, that's something that we've been able to count on week in and week out. Make up spots-- qualifying is probably the weakest part of our lineup, and that's something that's been well documented and well talked about, and we've made a ton of changes and a huge effort put behind it to improve it, and we just haven't seen the rewards yet. But there's still, you know, a few races left in the season and not a better time to get hot and qualifying than now. So that's kind of the main focus, I would say.

- All right, well, thank you so much for your time. Good luck to you today. Jimmie Johnson, looking to get a 10th win here at Martinsville Speedway today.