Martin Truex Jr. Post-Race Interview | 2017 KANSAS | NASCAR VICTORY LANE

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Martin Truex Jr. checks in with the 'NASCAR Victory Lane' crew after winning the Hollywood Casino 400 at Kansas Speedway.

ANNOUNCER: Once again, the cream of the crop, he's about to take another trip to Gatorade Victory Lane.


ANNOUNCER: : The march to Miami continues for Martin Truex Jr. Win number seven. It comes today here, at Kansas Speedway.

INTERVIEWER: Want to see some impressive numbers, take a look at this. It's the 14th career Cup Series win for Martin Truex, second consecutive at Kansas. He's the first driver to win four consecutive races on 1.5 mile tracks. And look at the average finish, is 2.8 on this type of racetrack. Martin Truex now joins us from victory lane, in Kansas.

- And Martin, each one of these wins at the cup level is so special because they're so hard to come by. But today's win for you, your team, and everybody involved, just have to be so much more special this time around.

- Yeah, for sure. I mean, I think they all stand out. They're all special. We understand how hard they are to get it. There was plenty of years when we couldn't get any of them. So just thankful and appreciative for my team and all my guys, and all the partners, and everybody that's involved with this team. It's just been a fairytale season, and you know, hopefully we can continue it for four more weeks.

- Martin, they don't put asterisks by wins, but you didn't make it easy with this one right here. You had the restart issue at lap 35, right before that 100, a loose wheel, had to make a stop on the green. And that big wreck on the backstretch at lap 197, it wasn't too far off the nose, that 78 car. It was definitely a very eventful day.

- Yeah, it looks easy on the score sheet. Started first, finished first, but definitely a lot more to the story. So yeah it was, definitely a tough day. Just had to battle and persevere, and just keep our head down, and keep digging and never quit on it.

So you know, there was times in that race I thought, man, you know, it's going to be hard just to get back on the lead lap, let alone have a shot at winning. And then just, you know, we started gaining track position.

We had a couple of really good restarts where we got up there, and then we started working on the balance of our car for the second, you know, about the last 100 laps of the race. And just kept chipping away at it, and next thing you know, it was dialed in pretty good.

I just can't say enough but everybody for sticking with it, and not quiting, and not giving up. And you know, all our guys have done a great job of doing it all year long.

- So Martin, we have four races to go, which two rounds. And the mile and a half tracks, we know we have Texas right in the middle of round two. Round three we have Homestead-Miami Speedway, that's that championship race. You're mile and a half program this year, I mean you have seven wins, but six of them, they been at the mile and a half tracks. Are you looking forward to these next two rounds?

- Yeah, for sure. I think every week we show up to the racetrack, we look at it as an opportunity. We've been strong everywhere this year, at all types of different tracks. And for whatever reason, just the mile and a half stuff, we've been able to put it together, and finish off, and close out the races.

You know, I feel like our short track program has come a long, long way. And so, Martinsville next weekend is, you know, it's really high on our list of places we want to conquer. I feel like we've been getting better. The last couple of years we've had some good runs, and feel like we've been about a fourth or fifth to seventh or eighth place car.

And just, you know, hopefully, we can we continue to find some speed there, and have a great weekend, and start off the round eight strong. And then Texas should be a great one for us. And you never know about Phoenix but like I said, our short track program has gotten a lot better this year, I feel like. And I think we can go there and have a shot at winning all three of these races.

- Martin, you said it was a fairytale season. Your first 11 years of racing, you had seven victories at the cup level, and this year you've got seven again, so you've maxed that total. How great does it feel, and how much fun is it, for a race team, and for a driver when everything comes together like this?

- I can't even tell you. It's unbelievable. You know, so many years, so much hard work, so many heart breaks, and such an uphill battle for a long time to get to this position. And you know, you're watching guys winning championships, and winning races, and you're like, man, someday I hope I can get there. And you just never give up. You keep climbing that mountain, and here we are.

So just been fortunate to be with a great group of guys. You know, Barney Visser started this team a long time ago. But when I came there, I feel like we've built a strong group of guys since then, and the last three years has just been real special. I feel like we're still growing, we're still gaining on it, and you know, still things we can do better, and we're going to keep trying to win more races.

- Well Martin, congratulations on this one. Great win today. Keep up the good work, and best of luck as you run for the championship.

- Thanks guys I appreciate it.