Martin Truex Jr. scores his seventh win of the year | 2017 KANSAS

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Martin Truex Jr. rebounds from a pit road penalty to win his seventh race of the year.

COMMENTATOR: And again, we have to remember for Furniture Row Racing, passing away yesterday, Jim Watson. There's one lap to go, presented by Credit One Bank. One more time around the mile and 1/2.

A fabricator for the Furniture Row team, Jim Watson lost his life yesterday. And so now, with heavy hearts they race, but Martin Truex, Jr., trying to put another win in the column for the organization and the family. Coming through 3 and 4 for the final time. He's gonna do it again. Martin Truex, Jr., wins.

MARTIN TRUEX JR: For you, champ. Love you both.



MARTIN TRUEX JR: Appreciate it, man. This one's for Jim.

PIT CREW: This was won for him, for sure.


COMMENTATOR: Everybody on the team recognizing how big of a win this is for the organization, knowing what they've all experienced over the last 24 hours, losing a friend, a colleague.


COMMENTATOR: Martin Truex, Jr., wins in the Monster Energy Cup Series once again. This moment presented by Sunoco, fueling victories all season long.