Matt Kenseth eliminated from the playoffs after being parked by NASCAR | 2017 KANSAS

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Matt Kenseth is eliminated from the playoffs after having too many men over the wall on pit road and being parked by NASCAR.

ANNOUNCER: And the 24-- and around goes the 77 of Jones, almost up over the wall as they hit hard. The 20 of Kenseth involved, as is the one of McMurray. A big wreck coming out of turn two.

SPOTTER: Inside, boss. Inside. Got her rolling, guys. Four flat.

ANNOUNCER: Riding along with the 20. You see the steering wheel shaking. Damage to the 20 now.

NASCAR OFFICIAL: You can't have more than six guys, OK? You can't have more than six.

ANNOUNCER: And you heard right there, you can't have more than six. Remember that penalty I discussed. If you have an extra guy, major penalty.

ANNOUNCER: And it looks as though they may have just had seven right there. They're working on the 20 though. They continue to work on the 20 to get to get it back out onto the track. A huge penalty for the 20 team of Matt Kenseth. We had mentioned when they were on pit road and they were working on the car, you can't have more than six members of the pit crew over the wall. We actually counted it. We saw there were seven. NASCAR has also looked at it. They said that's too many men over the wall.

ANNOUNCER: And the problem with too many men over the wall is, during the course of the race, if it happens on a normal pit stop, you just go to the tail end. But when you are on the five-minute clock, when you are part of the damaged vehicle policy, which the 20 of Mat Kenseth was absolutely on. He was in the accident that these seven men right here. That is-- basically, you are done in the event. You have failed the damaged vehicle policy. The 20, no matter the amount of damage, cannot continue. They will go to the garage. They can no longer participate in this race.

ANNOUNCER: And this damaged vehicle policy--

MATT KENSETH (ON RADIO): I am so lost right now.

ANNOUNCER: It was developed in the off-season.

JASON RATCLIFF (ON RADIO): Seven guys. Seven guys over the wall.

ANNOUNCER: You hear Kenseth.

MATT KENSETH (ON RADIO): So what does that mean? We can't race anymore?

JASON RATCLIFF (ON RADIO): That's right. Can't race anymore.

MATT KENSETH (ON RADIO): OK. You're telling me we sent one too many guys over the wall, so I do not have a chance to race for a championship because of that? Is that what you're telling me?

JASON RATCLIFF (ON RADIO): Nope. I'm telling you, I sent six over and somebody can't count. That's what I'm telling you.

ANNOUNCER: And you can understand the frustration from Matt Kenseth. Here he is, having a shot to go to the next round, and he's just been told, because they didn't abide by a rule, he's not going to have a chance to win the championship. But these rules-- they were developed in the off-season with the teams and NASCAR together in an effort to make it fair, to make it more affordable. That's where all this has come from.

ANNOUNCER: Guys, this is bigger than just this moment right here on the track. Matt Kenseth doesn't have a ride in 2018. He was looking for the possibility of potentially ending his career with a championship. He now has just been told that because one person jumped over the wall, he can't continue racing, and he will not be able to race for a championship this year.