Kyle Larson’s championship hopes go up in smoke after engine failure | 2017 KANSAS

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Kyle Larson is eliminated from the playoffs after an early engine failure forces him out of the race.

PIT REPORTER: Just asked Carl Larson to go to the diagnostics page on the ECU on that-- on his screen, right in front of him. He's saying it's showing low oil protection mode and stuck throttle protection mode. To they're right now asking him, are those letters white? Are those letters red? He's saying nothing is red on the screen right now. So see, they're, again, trying to formulate a plan down here as to how they can fix this for Kyle Larson with, maybe, his playoffs on the line.

ANNOUNCER #1: And there it went. So the ECU couldn't even protect the engine for Kyle Larson, and now, Kyle Larson's hopes of making it into the round of eight go up in smoke.

ANNOUNCER #2: Well, this tells me it wasn't just an electronic issue, unless that caused some sort of mechanical failure. You see the smoke out the pipes. You know, listen, there's hundreds things that can be inside the engine, but definitely a failure that is-- he's not going to be able to recover from.

ANNOUNCER #3: And this is one of the teams and drivers that everyone feared going to Homestead. Everybody talks about how good Kyle Larson is running the top of the racetrack. We just spoke about it. This race team, if they could go to Miami Homestead, everyone believed would be a favorite. You can see right now, a championship ended because the last four races laid out so well for this race team.

ANNOUNCER #2: So now, Jeff, the only thing this 42 can do is sit back and hope someone else has trouble. It's going to be very difficult. We're going to have to see where everybody officially finishes at the end of this stage, because they will automatically earn points. But remember, he was plus 29. So even stage points aren't going to be enough to eliminate him. What if two or three cars have an accident? I think if you're one of those middle cars, maybe Hamlin, Elliott, you have to think that, if we just run OK here, we're going to eliminate the 42. That has to be kind of a changing strategy as we go, Rick. You have to understand where everybody is within the points rundown.