Christopher Bell pulls off a slide job on Erik Jones to win at Kansas | 2017 NASCAR XFINITY SERIES

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NASCAR Xfinity Series Highlights: Christopher Bell pulls off an incredible slide job on a dominant Erik Jones for his first career Xfinity win.

ANNOUNCER: Look at the speed that Bell has in the middle of the corner compared to Erik Jones. Just destroyed him through the middle of the corner. Now he's trying to take a look.

ANNOUNCER: He's got a run. He looks to the inside as they dive into turn one. Christopher Bell takes the lead away, but here comes the 20. Contact made! The 20 in a lull. So is the 18. Smoke coming out the back. The 20 slowed way down. Now, will the 18 be able to continue? And hearing that the 00 of Cole Custer also has a flat. He's on pit road.

Christopher Bell out in front. Can he continue? Under three laps to go from Kansas.

ANNOUNCER: - But you mentioned it. Erik Jones didn't get out of the gas on purpose. Not happy about that move.

ANNOUNCER: And he said so on the radio. He is not happy with young Christopher Bell. So this will be interesting post-race between the team mates. Well Erik Jones has damage to his car. He's on the apron on the front straight away. The right front. He has a flat. This may bring out the caution. I don't think it will.

ANNOUNCER: He's going to try to stay on the apron, get back all the way around, which will be a long, long trip around for him to get to pit road, as we are now one lap to go. Presented by Credit One Bank. The 14 sliding up the racetrack as well. That was JJ Yeley. A half a lap remains for Christopher Bell, looking for his first career win and XFINITY Series star.

Through turns three and four. Christopher Bell, the 22-year-old comes back to the finish line. He'll win it! Kansas!

Let's look back at how he took the lead away. He had the run on the 20 of Erik Jones.

ANNOUNCER: And he had brought Erik Jones down. So they're going down the back straightaway. You see he's got a good run, so makes the decision to go to the left. Now watch how far he drives in the corner. Carries a ton of speed. Is never go to be able to stay on the bottom. Never intended to. Slid up in front. And Erik Jones just wasn't going to lift.

ANNOUNCER: Jeff, I know Erik Jones is disappointed. But I'm not saying it was the cleanest move, but he hit him in the rear bumper, which tells me that 18 was clear, even though he was well off the pace when he slid up in front of him.

ANNOUNCER: He was definitely clear. But, you know, he cleared it himself by overdriving the corner, and then having to park it in front of the guy he was passing. And when you do that, you expose yourself to potentially getting wrecked. Obviously, Christopher Bell came out the winner and did what he needed to do to win the race. And it wasn't because Erik Jones let him. I can promise you that.

ANNOUNCER: So the interesting thing, post-race between the 18 and the 20, will be that they are both fielded through Joe Gibbs Race. Teammates of a sort. But as we've heard before, you don't race that way on the racetrack. Everyone for themselves. And see the celebration now for Christopher Bell.