2017 Talladega Highlights (10.15.17) | NASCAR VICTORY LANE

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Check out all the highlights from the Alabama 500 at Talladega Superspeedway.

COMMENTATOR 1: Check out the highlights. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Well, it was a very emotional day for him as he got ready to race for the final time at Talladega.

COMMENTATOR 2: On the pole, his fourth front row started the restrictor plate tracks this year, but looking for his first top 20 finish in those races.

COMMENTATOR 1: Didn't take long for the wrecking to begin. This one involved Jamie McMurray.

COMMENTATOR 2: Coming to pit road under green, nobody got the signal he was coming to pit road. Jeffrey Earnhardt in that car right there. The 33 car as well as Eric Jones involved, there you see one of our playoff drivers on the road back headed to the garage area.

COMMENTATOR 1: So as we come down to the end of stage number one, it is Brad Keselowski who held off his teammate Joey Logano to win the Yeah

COMMENTATOR 2: Yeah, he got zero stage points at Charlotte last week. They knew the importance coming in to Talladega. And remember, with that win, he also gets that one play off point for that stage win.

COMMENTATOR 1: Let's move on to stage number two. Lap 67, Jimmy Johnson a little trouble trying to pit.

COMMENTATOR 2: Yeah, bad communication coming to pit road under green. You could see all the damage on the right rear quarter panel there. A lot like McMurray, he stayed out on the race track late though.

COMMENTATOR 1: As we race to the checkered flag in stage number two, Larry, this time, it's Ryan Blaney.

COMMENTATOR 2: Yeah he takes the lead from Kurt Busch, wins stage 2, and Ryan Blaney also got 18 very important stage points today.

COMMENTATOR 1: Now here comes Brad Keselowski. He gave up track position to fix a failing radio, dropped back to the 31st position.

COMMENTATOR 2: Yeah, they've been fighting radio issues all day long. I think they knew the importance of that radio transmission with his spotter late in the race for the moves he'd need to make. They finally said, you know what, we're come to pit road and we're going to fix it properly.

COMMENTATOR 1: Remember that. That's huge. And this is also huge as well. The big one-- 17 laps to go. Here we go, Larry.

COMMENTATOR 2: Yes, 16 drivers, six of our playoff drivers, and Martin Treux Jr. just one small move on his part, but he did take total responsibility for it.

COMMENTATOR 1: If it's any consolation, a lot of the playoff drivers were involved so it made somewhat of an even playing field. Now, 11 laps to go. Joey Logano who was leading, starts a little wrecking going on here.

COMMENTATOR 2: Yeah, he was bouncing off Trevor Bayne in the 6 car, gets into Ryan Blaney in the 21 car, also involved playoff driver Kevin Harvick in that 4 car.

COMMENTATOR 1: Yeah, of course Blaney and Harvick were the big losers on that. 6 laps to go. Let's go three wide with Daniel Suarez and to Chase Elliott.

COMMENTATOR 2: Yeah, a couple of drivers trying to get their first crew win. That hole opened just a little bit for Chase Elliott in the 24 car. You can see Kyle Larson as well involved-- just a couple of guys that I think have a shot at winning this race.

COMMENTATOR 1: Once again, Dale Earnhardt Jr. makes it through as we race to the checkered flag. It's not going to happen for Dale Jr. because Brad Keselowski is not going to be denied. He makes the last lap fast, shuffling all over the place, holding off all challengers. Brad Keselowski comes around to get the checkers.

COMMENTATOR 2: He is a master though. Did you see the blocking he was doing coming down through the [INAUDIBLE]?

COMMENTATOR 1: Fitting of the NFL on a Sunday in this part of the year.