Brad Keselowski Post-Race Interview | 2017 TALLADEGA | NASCAR VICTORY LANE

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Brad Keselowski checks in with the 'NASCAR Victory Lane' crew after winning the Alabama 500 at Talladega Superspeedway.

ANNOUNCER 1: Keselowski on the high side trying to take the lead away! Keselowski is going to win at Talladega!

ANNOUNCER 2: Safely through to the round of eight.

BRAD KESELOWSKI: Thank you very much.

ANNOUNCER 3: OK, so let's talk about getting it done in 'dega. Brad Keselowski has three wins in the last seven races. His fifth Talladega win puts him second among active drivers, second only to Dale Jr. And he got his 24th Monster Energy series win in his 300th start.

Brad Keselowski joins us now. First of all, congratulations Brad. You started off the day with no radio. You had to make your way through a ton of wrecks.

We know you got to have a little luck to be good in this thing. But you also have to be very good. And you guys had the best car in the end.

- Yeah, it was a special day here in Talladega, JR. A lot of numerology with 300th start and win, and all that. But I don't care how many starts it is. You just want to win.

You know, you've got a chance to win here at the Monster Energy Cup Series level. You've got to take advantage it. And you know, we caught some breaks to get through the wrecks. A couple of races before this, we caught all the bad breaks.

Today, we caught all the good breaks. And then we executed at the end, and made that you know, cris pass there at the end with a little bit of help from my teammate Joey Logano. And that's what got us to victory lane.

- You know, Brad, Dale Earnhardt Jr. said last year that of active drivers, you are absolutely the best restrictor plate racer. And you backed that up again today. Tell me about that move you made down in turns three and four. Is that where you had planned to make it as you were on the last lap?

- Well, that's a heck of a compliment, I would say the first thing, from Dale Jr. And I really appreciate that. But you know, I was planning on making a move there on the last lap, last corner. And I knew I had to have help from behind.

And I looked at the cars who were behind me. I was like, I don't have the help I need. And I was kind of waiting. And then Joey got behind me. I said, all right, Joey will go with me. And I made the move.

And when I made the move, I thought well, Joey is going to go with me. And then Joey tried to make the move to the middle. I was like no, no, Joey! Stay with me! Don't win the race yourself!

And I blocked, and you know, he had-- he was almost there and hit me. And the car got sideways. And I was just lucky to have saved it, to be quite honest and to bring home a win here today.

- Brad, last week at Charlotte to start this round two, just an OK run. You guys finished 15th. You didn't score any stage points.

You come into this race two points below the cut line. How big of a relief is it to know that you don't have to worry about that mile and half track next week at [INAUDIBLE]? You advance.

BRAD KESELOWSKI: Well, I think an OK day might be an overstatement. It was not the day we wanted at all. I would say it was an OK to a bad day for us at Charlotte. So, you know, we knew we had to come to Talladega and make some points up and race really hard.

And if we wrecked, you know what? We just didn't feel like we had a lot to lose. So we pushed hard today.

Got the stage ones early. And then the win at the end and not having to go to Kansas next week and win is sure a big stress reliever. But we're still going to try to, I can promise you that, Larry.

- Hey, and Brad, there's also a lot on the line as you head to Kansas. In there are normal situations you could say OK, I'm through to the next round, there's nothing really to gain here. But you guys still have a lot to gain in that race, don't you?

- We do. If we can get another win, and find those bonus points or stage win points for the playoffs, that's going to be big for us in the next round. This-- the round of 8 is even harder than the round of 12, you know, because it's more difficult cars and less spots to race for. And so we know that we need to have all the points we can get.

And we feel like we can go to Martinsville and win, but we don't know that. We don't know that for sure. So we would rather just go there with as many points as possible and make it as easy as we can on ourselves

- Brad, congratulations. Great job, man. And best of luck as you run for this championship.

- Thank you very much, JR, and thanks, Larry.