Brad Keselowski claims his fifth career Talladega win with a last-lap pass | 2017 TALLADEGA

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Brad Keselowski passes Ryan Newman on the last lap to win his third race of the year, and fifth at Talladega.

ANNOUNCER 1: And now coming into the tri-oval. Coming up on one lap to go. Ryan Newman has the lead. Can he hang onto it?

One lap to go presented by Credit One Bank. Logano ducking in front of the 88. Now way up the race track they go.

Diving to the bottom. Dale Earnhardt Jr. one last time down the Talledega super stretch. Newman has a car length in front of Keselowski as they come in at three and fourth of the final time.

Keselowski on the high side trying to take the lead away. Side by side as they exit four. The tricky triangle they're about to come through.

Contact made. Keselowski still in front. Through the tri-oval they go. Keselowski is gonna win at Talledega.

ANNOUNCER 2: And he'll celebrate with that American flag as this moment presented by Sunoco, fueling victories all season long. The unpredictability of this race-- we've talked about the chaos, the craziness. I think it was on display once again today. Until that last lap, until the last turn, you had no idea who was going to be able to win this race

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah, I mean, the 22 of Joe Logano had a tremendous amount of damage. And I didn't even think he would be a player and he was a huge factor at the end of this race-- very impressive. Had a car up there to make moves. And Brad Keselowski on his 300th start-- one impressive burnout down the front stretch here at Talladega.