Chase Elliott and Daniel Suárez trigger late multi-car wreck | 2017 TALLADEGA

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Daniel Suárez makes contact with Chase Elliott and sets off a multi-car wreck including a hard hit for Chris Buescher.

ANNOUNCER 1: All fighting, a huge opportunity for some drivers out here. Suarez is going to go around. He got tagged from the back. Right in front, hard contact.

DRIVER RADIO: Guys, hold it up there. Hold it up there. It's yellow now. Be ready, guys. Ready.


ANNOUNCER 2: An attempt to make it three wide.

ANNOUNCER 1: And guess who wasn't involved?


The 88. It's an attrition race, now. The 24 and the 19.

ANNOUNCER 2: You see right here, Chase Elliott tries to make it three wide, and the 42 came up a little bit. The 19 came down a little bit. And the big wreck.

But the hole's there. So Chase Elliott, he's doing-- why not make that move? It's there, and then it just closed. up.

ANNOUNCER 3: Well, this is what we talked about. How aggressive do you want to be? If you're not going to go for that hole, then you're not going to win with this race. And you can argue both sides of that and say, hey, it's a good points day, don't try to take that hole. But that's not how race car drivers are wired. When they see that gap open up, Jeff, that is green light. That is going for the win at Talladega.

ANNOUNCER 2: And again, it's not that the 42 or the 19 may have turned their wheels, but when you have that many cars in there that close, the air moves you around. It's not like the cars just go perfectly straight.

PA: And the finish [INAUDIBLE] conclusion in that racing. The race [INAUDIBLE] about to be a last man standing race.

ANNOUNCER 2: But right here, you can see the 24 never changed lanes. He stayed straight. The 19 came down just a touch. He's was going into a hole that's just only big enough to get a car in. If anybody moves a matter of inches, you make contact.