Ryan Blaney and Kevin Harvick taken out in late wreck | 2017 TALLADEGA

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Kevin Harvick plows into Ryan Blaney after Trevor Bayne triggers multi-car wreck in turn 3.

- Side by side for the lead. Larson trying to take it away from Chase Elliott. He's got no help behind him. Suarez back up there. Big wreck behind him. Logano gets in it.

- [INAUDIBLE] --behind you.

- Trevor Bayne also involved. Ryan Blaney at the 21. Big hit for him again. And the 4 of Kevin Harvick also into the side. And this is what just happened.

- You can see the 21 and the 22 made a little bit of contact, and it pushed the 22 of Logano down into the side of the 6 car.

- Gaughan on the 75, big contact as well.

- So right here is the contact-- if the air just moved them, but just moved the 22 of Logano down inside-- into the side of the 6 of Bayne.

- To add to the frustration of Kevin Harvick, he was really on a lap of his own. You don't even see him in the picture, because he was behind the pack. These cars just don't stop right away, running almost 200 miles an hour.