Cody Coughlin nearly flips into the catchfence at Talladega

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NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Highlights: Cody Coughlin gets airborne and almost flips in a heavy wreck with Chris Fontaine | 2017 TRUCK SERIES | FOX NASCAR

ANNOUNCER 1: Now it's Grant Enfinger, last year's winner. And the contact, and Coughlin goes around. Big hit for Coughlin and Fontaine, and others involved.

ANNOUNCER 2: Watch Bell. He gives Enfinger a push. They're clear of this. But now here comes Gragson, three-wide up the middle. And this has to be where problems started, yeah.

ANNOUNCER 1: All right, Snider looked like he got into the back end of the 13 and spun him.

ANNOUNCER 3: Well, what happens is that bottom lane here, through the tryable, is much flatter than the rest of the lanes going up. And when you're in the middle, you're already in a bad spot because the back end of your truck starts to want to wiggle around. But what you saw there was, Mike Snider was in the middle. And it looked like he came up the racetrack there, and as he went-- he got loose right there and then he just touched the back of the 13 in the right rear. And the 47 came down, and it all broke loose there.

ANNOUNCER 2: You can see, briefly up in the air, was the 13 truck. And he settled right back down. The aerodynamic flaps. You see on that bed, Vince? Those flaps opening up? That's helping to evacuate the air from under the truck and set it back down.

ANNOUNCER 3: Like they served their purpose.

ANNOUNCER 2: I can see why Fontaine was slow. Wow, that was a heavy hit for him. I just think Snider tried to get into a hole. Got a little bit loose and clipped Cody Coughlin.

ANNOUNCER 3: Yeah, when you're in the middle like that you know how it is, Michael. It's just, you have to be so much more careful with the steering wheel and the input that you put into the right or left because everything just becomes much easier to spin out or get loose. And the truck just is not as stable as it is in the outside or inside lanes, when the middle is a tough place to be through that tryable.

ANNOUNCER 1: Almost like if trying to-- If you've ever had to walk on the ice, it's kind of tough to get your balance and feel secure.

ANNOUNCER 3: Well you see him. He kind of-- I don't know if he thought the 13 was going to come back up the racetrack right there. But he kind of jerked the truck to the right, the 51 truck, of Myatt Snider, kind of jerked the truck to the right. And then when he went back to the left, when you put that input to the wheel to the right and then pull it right back to the left, it instantly makes the truck loose.

ANNOUNCER 2: And watch at the back of the screen, the pink truck that's torn up. That's John Hunter Nemechek. Heavy contact by Wendell Chavous there into the rose truck. Watch where Nemechek goes. He's racing to play-- make the next round of the playoffs, and he used every bit of the available real estate there, down into turn one, to clear that mess.

ANNOUNCER 1: Don't hit me. Don't hit me. Don't hit me.

ANNOUNCER 3: And that move right there is probably going to make the playoffs for him. I mean, that was just one of those moves that you don't know where the trucks are going to go, and you go with your instinct, and shooting for the gap there. But those are big hits.