Nemechek and Crafton involved in heavy wreck at Talladega

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NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Highlights: John Hunter Nemechek and Matt Crafton suffer heavy damage after getting caught up in a multi-truck wreck at Talladega | 2017 TRUCK SERIES | FOX NASCAR

ANNOUNCER 1: Here's how it happened. Oh.

ANNOUNCER 2: Ben Rhodes clips, is that Rhodes, is that 27? I couldn't tell for sure, but he clipped Clay Greenfield in that beautiful red, white, and blue truck and around Greenfield went, and that collected Nemechek.

ANNOUNCER 1: Boy, Nemechek didn't have anywhere to go. You see him behind the 88.

ANNOUNCER 2: That was indeed, Rhodes that tried to go in the hole that Greenfield closed, and it collected those other trucks.

ANNOUNCER 3: Yeah and he just had such a huge rate of speed as he was coming up on him there. Just caught him right there going into the corner. [INAUDIBLE] He caught him in the left rear and just immediately turned him.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well remember when we talked to him after that second stage, and he said, I just want to run a smart race. I just want to keep it clean. We talked about the fact that you can run smart, but sometimes you're just a victim of somebody else's situation. And that's exactly what happened with John Hunter Nemechek.

ANNOUNCER 3: Yeah, and that's just the case here at Talladega and Daytona. You can run all day and have everything go your way, and it just takes 1 mistake by somebody else. Wrong spot, wrong time, and this happens.

ANNOUNCER 2: Matt Crafton had a ring-side seat for that hustle.

CREW (ON RADIO): They're wrecking behind ya, they're wrecking behind ya.

ANNOUNCER 2: Very fortunate for the 45 truck [INAUDIBLE]. You see him getting clipped on that corner, but he was able to keep it going straight.