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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Check out all the highlights from the Apache Warrior 400 at Dover International Speedway.

- These playoff races have so many stories other than just the winner. So let's take a look at how it all unfolded today. At Miles's place, Dover, Truex-- Martin Truex-- opens up a 2-second lead early on.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: So there's breaking news. Martin Truex [INAUDIBLE]. And 78's leading the race.

ANNOUNCER: [CHUCKLES] Let's move long to lap number 86. Green flag pit stops were under way when Jeffrey Earnhardt draws the first caution.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: Yeah, we talked about this on the "RaceDay" show, how treacherous getting on the pit road, especially under green. But this came in a cycle of green-flag pit stops. Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., was one of five league lap drivers not to have made their green-flag stop yet.


ANNOUNCER: But on those yellow flag pit stops here, Larry, Brad Keselowski beats Kyle Busch off of Pit Road for the Lead.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: And that was big because Brad Keselowski really was gambling right there. Had a great pit stop. And, 'course, he was awesome in the end of that stage.

ANNOUNCER: And the gamble paid off, as Brad Keselowski goes on to get yet another stage win. But this is key, Larry. Ricky Stenhouse finished fourth and got seven stage points. Remember that.

Let's move along to stage number two, when Kyle Larson restarted 4 but passes on lap number 141 by Kyle Busch for the lead.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: It appeared the entire race Kyle Larson and that 42 had a good long run race car.

ANNOUNCER: And his best long run was at the end of stage number two as he takes the checkered flag. Kyle Larson wins another stage.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: His fourth stage win of the season right there.

ANNOUNCER: So before the restart, check this out, Larry, a little strange goings on here for Kyle Larson.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: Yeah, he was cutting the engine off. And it wouldn't refire. He-- they had to recycle it. He went from second to sixth. But because he did not maintain pace car speed, that's where he had to restart was back in the sixth position.

ANNOUNCER: Yeah, proved pretty costly. Here on the restart, Chase Elliott is on the outside and beats Martin Truex for the lead.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: Got a great restart. But what a great racetrack this has been for Chase Elliott. Four starts, all top top-five finishes in the Cup Series.

ANNOUNCER: A big battle going on up at the front, but what about for that transfer spot? Pit stops begin. Ryan Newman gets fresh tires.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: Yeah, Luke Lambert brought him to pit road earlier than most of the competitors, trying to take advantage of those fresh tires, hoping they didn't get a caution. And it did cycle all the way through the green-flag stops.

ANNOUNCER: He was chasing Stenhouse for that final spot. Lap 330, Kurt Busch has the commitment violation, and the playoffs are over.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: Yeah, he will not advance. He was running in the top 10. Another mistake by Kurt Busch in the playoffs.

ANNOUNCER: So here, Ricky Stenhouse finally comes in, Larry.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: Yeah, 17 laps later, after Ryan Newman. I thought this was going to be a mistake. But he certainly made those fresh tires work to his advantage.

ANNOUNCER: When everything cycled through, Stenhouse had the last spot by 2 points. But we still had racing to go up front, with two laps to go. Here comes Kyle Busch. It looked like Chase Elliott was going to get that first victory.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: But Kyle Busch was running that thing you see all the way up to the top of the racetrack. He knew he had to go where Chase Elliott was not.

ANNOUNCER: It is hard to beat Rowdy on any racetrack. This Dover track just played right into what he wanted to do. He goes to the high side and takes the checkered flag. It's two in a row in the playoffs.

And now for Kyle Busch, it's four this year. And you can definitely say that he is peaking at the right time. Here are your unofficial results from Dover International Speedway.