Kyle Busch talks with Kaitlyn Vincie about his feud with Brad Keselowski I NASCAR RACEDAY

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Kyle Busch goes 1-on-1 with Kaitlyn Vincie to talk about his title hopes, and his relationship with Brad Keselowski.

ANNOUNCER: Beautiful afternoon for the one they call the Rowdy One. For the third time in 2017, Kyle Busch has made a spot in play off round number two.

- Fresh off a win last week. I know all the wins are unique for you guys. But what was special about last week?

- I think what was most special about last week was just finally being able to get a chase win in an elimination round. That kind of moves you on to the next round.

KYLE BUSCH: Yeah. Way to go team. Good job.

ADAM: Good hanging with the driver.

- We've never won a chase race, and as long as the playoffs has been around, which is a first year, now we've won the second playoff race. So I'm not sure if that really means anything. Overall, obviously just being able to score that victory and get through to the round of 12, and look forward to the rest of the playoffs here.

- Your team, when I think about like the road mechanics specifically, it's a close group of guys. What do you think it is about you and your team that's kind of created that sort of loyalty to each other?

- I think it's just the amount of respect and dedication that we have for one another. You know, when anybody is down we always strive to pick that person up, or to build each other up around us. I think Adam has kind of instilled that within us.

KYLE BUSCH: I did everything to gain spot, and I'm a sure shoot away from.

ADAM: We've got a whole race left today. Stay with me.

- Even though Adam and I have a really good relationship, sometimes I'm not quite sure how to read him, you know? He's kind of mad, or he's kind of focused or something like that. Feel like that's kind of the same thing that people have with me. They just don't know whether I'm mad or whether I'm focused or kind of what's going on. But yet, I think that's what makes us both unique in the way that we can work with one another, and that our team guys can work around us as well.

ANNOUNCER: Battle for the lead, Matt Kenseth now has closed the gap on Eric Jones. Kyle Busch right on Matt Kenseth rear deck lid.

- Toyota dominance. How does that give you some comfort right now, knowing you do have that kind of speed at such an important point in the year.

- People say that, well Toyota's just founded over the last 10 weeks. You've got to look back at the 18 cars throughout the entire season. 18 and 78. We've had speed all year long. I think now it's just kind of where the rest of our teammates are kind of catching up to what we're doing. It Certainly looks as though it's more of the Toyota group, because all of us work so closely together.

Technically we're great teammates with one another, we share everything, we're all in the same meetings every week. So I think that's why it's showing how good Toyota is, is because of the camaraderie that we all have with one another.

Where you've got the Roush guys, they're over here, they're Ford. You've got the SHR guys over here, they're Ford. You've got the Penske guys over here, they're Ford. They're not all in the same meetings every single week. You know, so I think that's kind of what you see as to why we're better than some of the others.

- Twitter a couple weeks ago, the exchange with Brad. What was kind of at the root of that little interaction on Twitter?

- Well the root of it was somebody complaining about another team that's worked hard, and has found some stuff that's made their teams fast, you know. And it just comes from one guy, and it just needs to stop, and it just needs to be moved on that it goes in cycles, and we weren't the ones complaining when we knew that the two car had an advantage over the rest of the field.

When they won their championship we just had to go to work and try to figure it out. And we were too late when it was said and done, when we finally figured it out.

- Well, thanks so much for your time, taking some time here for race day. Good luck this weekend.

- Sounds good looking forward to the rest of the year.