Ryan Blaney wins at Dover | 2017 NASCAR XFINITY SERIES

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NASCAR Xfinity Series Highlights: After grabbing the lead from William Byron in the second stage Ryan Blaney didn't look back as he ran away for his second Xfinity win of the year.

ANNOUNCER 1: Closing in on the final lap, and one lap to go. Presented by Credit One [INAUDIBLE]. Ryan Blaney, after taking the lead, has been up front 135 laps.

23-year-old looking for his six Xfinity Series win. This is the 60th start. As he comes out of turn 4, Blaney is going to win in the Monster Mile.


Ryan Blaney talked about what a great car he had. Blaney currently racing for Wood Brothers in the Cup Series, and it's been announced that he will join Team Penske in 2018. But this win in the Xfinity Series-- how can that help him for tomorrow's race?

That fan might have a 42 on his hat, might be a Kyle Larsen fan, but I think he may have a new driver to cheer for because look who gave him the winning checkered flag.

ANNOUNCER 2: I've seen a lot of cool moves, Ricks, but this one right here might be the coolest-- pick a fan out of the crowd and give them probably the best souvenir you have. [INAUDIBLE] football player runs to the endzone, hands the football to a young man, young woman.

ANNOUNCER 1: And definitely a memory for a lifetime there.