Which NASCAR star would make the worst Uber driver?

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Daryl Motte asked several NASCAR veterans which NASCAR star would make the worst Uber driver? Hilarity ensued.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - Probably either of the Busch brothers just cause they have road rage like no other.

- Newman.

- Yeah. Why?

- He's really aggressive.

- Yeah.

- Like way too aggressive for the street.

- Kasey Kahne maybe would probably be the worst Uber.

- I agree. And do have a Halloween [INAUDIBLE]?


- That was really quick, too.

- Probably Newman.

- OK. Why?

- I just don't think we have that much in common, He's grumpy at times.

- Oh, the worst? I've got to be honest. I'm one of the only people on the planet that's never--

- You've never been in--

- Never, never Ubered.

- Brian Vickers.

- Yeah.

- I've never been more fearful of my life riding in a street vehicle than with him.

- Oh, man. A horrible one?

- Yeah.

I think Voyer would be the most entertaining.

- It's me.

- You don't think so?

- Yeah, cause I don't pay attention. I kind of like, oh, look, I got to do this. All right, hold on, take a few phone calls, you all right back there? All right, be quiet.