Jeremy Clements scores incredible first career win at Road America after spinning on penultimate lap | 2017 NASCAR XFINITY SERIES

Jeremy Clements spins on the penultimate lap going for the lead, but comes out ahead and scores his first career Xfinity Series win.

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ANNOUNCER 1: Coming to the final corner of the track. Great run for Clements. Does he do it here? Takes a look.

And diving down to the inside, Jeremy Clements-- now contract with Matt Tifft. They both spin. How far back is Michael Annett? Michael Annette was running third. Tifft and Clements come together, coming to the white flag.

ANNOUNCER 2: I think Clements is still going to have the lead.

ANNOUNCER 1: He's got it righted. Jeremy Clements comes to one lap to go, sponsored by Credit One Bank. And there is Michael Annett. He was not close enough. He was about 10 seconds back in the five car, and he couldn't get there.

ANNOUNCER 2: Does Clements have any damage to his tires, though? Has he got off track?

ANNOUNCER 1: Stephen Young with trouble. He'll get the 78 turnaround. Coming down to turn five.

ANNOUNCER 2: Clements has a huge lead, probably 20, 25 car lengths at least right now.

ANNOUNCER 1: We began the day saying only a miracle would get certain drivers into the playoffs. Jeremy Clements was one of them. He's got the miracle in sight now.

Can he keep it together. Mayhem in front of him, other drivers, it looks like tires coming apart. Got to be on your mind, as you're trying to win.

ANNOUNCER 2: I don't know what all is going through his mind. He's never won one of these races. [INAUDIBLE] road course. This isn't what he grew up doing, or has that much experience at.

ANNOUNCER 1: Jeremy Clements' best finish was on a Super Speedway, where you have the advantage of the draft, at Talladega to work your way through the pack. Here at Road America, it was one man, one machine, and a great strategy call for fresher tires at the end that put Jeremy Clements to the front.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, right now he just has to hold everything together. Don't push the issue right now. You've got everything right in front of you. You've only got about five more corners that you have to make.

ANNOUNCER 1: Heading out of the carousel. Clements, down toward the kink. He's got to get this one right.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah I'm sure they told him, he's got a nice lead. Don't push the issue.

ANNOUNCER 1: Nice and smooth through the kink. Now lap traffic ahead. Coming down to the Canada Corner and turn 12. Good smooth right hander for Clements, keeps the 51 looking solid. Next card back, Tifft, is not within sight.

It's just up to Clements now to take it home, with lap traffic his only barrier between himself and his first victory in the Xfinity series. Through the final corner, Jeremy Clements has made it. Just a couple of lap cars in front, but the 32-year-old from Spartanburg, South Carolina, has found his way into the playoffs by winning at Road America.

Unbelievable finish for the 51 Team and Jeremy Clements. We've seen the spin and win in the past, Dale.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, that takes it to another level there, Dave, I'd have to say.

ANNOUNCER 1: I think he added to it.

ANNOUNCER 2: 255 starts before his first win, which is an Xfinity record.

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