Wood Brothers hauler driver suffers freak injury at Richmond

Len Wood says the Wood Brothers Racing hauler driver will be treated back in North Carolina.

Wood Brothers Racing hauler driver Jeff Miles was taken back to North Carolina Friday afternoon following a freak injury to his right knee suffered earlier in the day at Richmond International Raceway.

According to Wood Brothers co-owner Len Wood, Miles fell off the steps of the back of the team’s hauler Friday morning and suffered a torn ACL and a quadriceps tendon rupture.

When that happened, the team jumped into action to get Miles treated locally and then on his way back home.

"There was a race-day plane coming up (to Richmond), so we managed to get his (Miles’) wife and a spare truck driver on the plane just in time," said Wood in an exclusive interview with FOXSports.com. "We rented a minivan for his wife and she is taking him back home. Whatever treatment or surgery he needs will be done in Carolina."

Wood said his brother Eddie went with Miles to the hospital and then they were able to get pain medications and Miles’ bags from the hotel before his wife took him back to the Charlotte area.

"It wasn’t like it was a panic or rush or anything like that," said Len Wood. "But he’ll need to see a specialist when he gets back to Carolina."