Why Kasey will be Chase factor

When you stop and think about it, the story of Kasey Kahne and his crew chief Kenny Francis is pretty amazing.

These two have been with something like three different organizations together. Even within that, I think there have been four or five different owners.

Then throw in the fact they have raced all four manufacturers — Chevrolet, Dodge, Toyota and Ford.

Kasey said it recently himself — that this is his 10th year in NASCAR, and for the first time in about five or six years, everything is the same from last year. It’s the same owner, team, crew chief, same manufacturer and even sponsor from a year ago.

It’s the first time he’s really had that in a long, long time.

Despite Daytona and Phoenix not getting off to the greatest start, after this strong run at Las Vegas, I just really believe we are going to be talking about Kasey Kahne a lot this year.

I said coming into the start of 2013 that I won’t be a bit surprised to see that  No. 5 car winning multiple races and in the hunt of the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase.