Updates planned for Sprint Cup car in 2011

NASCAR will make modifications to the Sprint Cup Series car for the 2011 season.

At a meeting on Oct. 19, following the races at Lowe’s Motor Speedway, manufacturers were told changes would be made “from the centerline to the bumper on down,” a source familiar with the situation told FOXSports.com.

The alterations will be made to the front fascia — the upper and lower nose of the car.

Vice President of Competition Robin Pemberton said “there was a good open dialog” with manufacturer representatives to discuss what aesthetic changes could be made to the car to improve brand identity.

“We had a good meeting — we have them quite frequently to discuss where we are currently with the car and where we need to be over the next couple of years,” Pemberton said. “After that, where it all falls in line and get an idea with manufacturer introductions of new cars and new platforms.

“We have a reasonable idea and we’ll get together on possible updates for 2011.”

The current car has come under scrutiny from competitors and fans alike for having less resemblance to a showroom model than previous editions. Pemberton said styling changes are almost anticipated given that the car will soon meet the four-year mark.

NASCAR is also concerned the sportiness of the new Nationwide Series Car of Tomorrow will have a tendency to overshadow the current Cup car. The new Nationwide Series car will be run in four races starting next season.

Certainly, the Nationwide COT will provide ideas for future generations of the Cup car.

Despite the safety initiatives associated with the new car, it has come under fire for not being as “racy.” But over time as the teams have continued to work with the suspensions, shock packages and tires, the cars have become more competitive.