TRD removes ‘interim’ from Wilson’s president, GM titles

David Wilson has been named president and general manager of TRD (Toyota Racing Development), U.S.A.

Wilson joined TRD in 1989 and was named interim president and GM last summer when Lee White stepped down for personal reasons.

Wilson oversees TRD’€™s activities throughout North America, including engine engineering, chassis engineering, manufacturing, administration and operations as well as TRD’s headquarters in Costa Mesa, Calif., and its chassis/team support facility in Salisbury, N.C.

Toyota driver and team owner Kyle Busch believes Wilson "€œhas done a really nice job" during his NASCAR tenure.

"He’s sort of brought a little bit more continuity to the organization with TRD,"€ Busch said. "€œI think the chassis and engine guys … are working together as one more often.

"I feel like the TRD guys on the truck and Nationwide level do a great job for helping those teams that are there, and of course the Cup support, as well. Whether it’s Michael Waltrip who’s got 10 or 20 engineers or JGR, who’s got 20 or 25 engineers, there’s still a need to spread out the workload, and TRD does a great job for us. And Wilson is obviously a huge part of that, as well as the rest of the guys in Salisbury."€

Over the past 24 seasons, Wilson honed his motorsports skills as a design engineer, track support engineer, assistant vice president of operations, vice president of operations and engineering, vice president of production and strategic planning and, until this year, senior vice president.

Despite the Toyota teams experiencing engine issues during the first half of last season, Busch believes Wilson addressed the situation accordingly.

"Wilson’s role on the engine side I feel like has come along, and the beginning of the year last year started out really, really well,"€ Busch said. "€œI felt like we kind of tapered off a little bit towards the middle and then the end sort of got better again, too. Sort of excited to see what the offseason brought those guys and essentially what it brings us.

"But I feel like he’s got a good leadership role, he’s got a good direction and we’re looking forward to working with him continually."

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