Tony Stewart’s phone stolen in South Florida

Jonathan Ferrey/NASCAR via Getty Images

Tony Stewart’s final weekend as a NASCAR Sprint Cup driver got off to a bad start when his cell phone got stolen Wednesday night in South Florida.

Like a lot of us, Stewart had a ton of information on his phone and he understandably wasn’t happy it got ripped off.

“My girlfriend and I, we were actually on our way Wednesday night to Miami in a hotel we were staying at there because we had the owners’ meeting yesterday,” said Stewart.

“We saw some carnival deal, so we stopped and it was about to close, but we went back to it last night on our way back to here,” said Stewart.  “We were just getting ready to leave and I realized it wasn’t in my pocket.  I had her phone, my phone and a couple of other things I was holding for her. When I was checking to see where it was at it was not there anymore.”

It was not a good realization.

“We had bumped into some people right before that and I’m fairly certain that is when it decided it went a different direction, but it was kind of fun because they have that Find My iPhone app,” said Stewart. “We went chasing people forever trying to find it. Until we realized they were in the parking lot and they got in the car and they were gone.”

And from there, Stewart realized he was out of luck and his phone was gone.

“I hit block on it and deleted it and now I’ve got to get a new phone, which is devastating because I do everything off of my cell phone. My life is on that cell phone, so I start my life over tomorrow (laughs).”