Tony George reinstated to Hulman & Co board

IndyCar founder Tony George was reinstated to the Hulman &

Co. board of directors on Friday, five months after resigning

following a failed attempt to reacquire the series.

The decision to bring George back onto the board was made after

the family members met in St. Petersburg for their annual

shareholder meeting.

George resigned in October after submitting a proposal to

purchase IndyCar, the series he founded in 1996. He cited a

conflict of interest as his reason for stepping down, and he was

allowed to return to the board Friday because he’s no longer trying

to regain control of the series.

IndyCar is owned by the Hulman-George family, which has owned

Indianapolis Motor Speedway since 1945. The series is governed by

the Hulman & Co. board of directors, which is back to 11

members after George was brought back Friday.

Among those on the board are his mother, Mari Hulman George, and

his sisters, Nancy L. George, M. Josephine George and Katherine M.

George-Conforti. Mark Miles, named to the board last year, was

hired as chairman of Hulman & Co. in November.

George was ousted as CEO of IndyCar by his mother and sisters in

2009. He also resigned his spot on the board of directors, but

rejoined in 2011. He was president of Indianapolis Motor Speedway

from 1990-2004, and was CEO of IMS from 1990-2009.