There could be more than one Earnhardt in Cup Series this year

He won’t be nearly as famous as Dale Jr. or have nearly the same caliber of equipment, but there’s a chance another Earnhardt will be in every NASCAR Cup Series race this season.

Move over Dale Jr. There’s another Earnhardt in town.

Okay, so Jeffrey Earnhardt isn’t likely to usurp his uncle’s popularity or replicate his success any time soon. But fans of the family as a whole might be psyched to see two racers with that legendary surname in the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series in 2017.

Jeffrey Earnhardt will definitely be in the #33 Circle Sport/TMG Chevrolet this season. The car will be in every race its owners want to send it to, since it has a charter. And Earnhardt will be driving said car in the Daytona 500 for the first time in just a few weeks.

The question now is whether the 27-year old will be in the driver’s seat for all 36 Cup Series races. Even he doesn’t know the answer yet.

Ah yes, sponsorship. The aspect of NASCAR racing that makes so many plans go astray, even at the top level of the sport. It’s hardly surprising this could be a sticking point when even cars on top teams are having some issues putting companies on their hoods.

Yet one would think that with the Earnhardt name alone, Jeffrey has more to offer than many other drivers who could be considered for seat time in the #33. Yes, he’s never finished higher than 26th in a Cup Series race to date, but he’s also had few opportunities, making just 24 starts so far for Go Fas Racing and BK Racing the last two years.

Jeffrey Earnhardt is the son of Kerry Earnhardt, Dale Jr.’s older half-brother. He’s a bona fide fourth generation competitor, following in the famous footsteps of his grandfather, Dale Earnhardt Sr., and great grandfather Ralph Earnhardt.

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