Stenhouse beats girlfriend for top rookie title

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. quickly learned an important lesson in his

race with girlfriend Danica Patrick for NASCAR’s rookie of the year


After on-track battles between the two led to at least two

accidents, Stenhouse figured out it was best to always take the


”Battles are tough, especially when you are going against your

girlfriend,” Stenhouse said.

Stenhouse accepted the 2013 Sprint Cup Rookie of the Year award

Thursday during the annual Myers Brothers awards ceremony.

The two-time Nationwide Series champion finished 19th in the Cup

standings, while Patrick finished 27th.

”We’ve had a few run-ins, which resulted in one really quiet

ride home,” Stenhouse said. ”And I learned real quick that if

there’s a question it could be my fault, it’s better to go ahead

and just apologize and get it over with.

”But all in all, we had a lot of fun this year.”