Newman skewers Kyle Busch for crack

Count on Ryan Newman to be dismissive and cutting at the same time.

After taking verbal shots from fellow NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Kyle Busch on Sunday, Newman decided to weigh in on the issue on Monday.

The fracas started when in Sunday’s race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, when Newman was racing Kyle Busch’s older brother, Kurt, for position. Matt Kenseth loomed behind them. With Busch on the inside, Newman on the outside and Kenseth all over Busch’s rear bumper, the expected outcome developed.

Busch and Newman spun. Afterward, Kyle Busch decided to step in and defend his brother.

"I really hated that Kurt got tore up,” Kyle Busch said. “I felt like he had the best car. And was proud of them guys but, man, just stupidity. I mean Ryan Newman’s the biggest stupid idiot out here, and he’s a big ogre and can do whatever he wants because he can probably kick anybody’s butt. So no sense in getting in a fight with him, but glad he’s out of a job."

Newman responded to the remarks on Monday.

According to USA Today, Newman – who has not announced his 2014 plans after it was officially confirmed last weekend that he will not return to Stewart-Haas Racing – offered a light-hearted take on Busch’s reaction.

"I’m just afraid if I re-arranged his face I might fix it," Newman said with a laugh on SiriusXM Radio’s NASCAR Channel, according to the report. "He’s frustrated finishing third or wherever he was after hitting me first and then getting a little rub down the straightaway. Just imagine how I feel. It is what it is.

"We know that he’s not very bright. He’s a heck of a talent but he’s not very bright. And I’ll leave it at that."