Keselowski should be slower to speak

I never thought I’d say this, but Kurt Busch looks like an angel.

And he has Penske Racing driver Brad Keselowski to thank for it. Keselowski, the reigning NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion, just can’t keep his mouth shut. He opens it wide every chance he gets, and more often than not, something stupid comes out.

I’m all for a driver speaking his mind and voicing his opinion — we all know I’ve done my share of that over the years — but at least get your facts straight first. Keselowski last week alleged that Hendrick Motorsports and Joe Gibbs Racing had poached Penske Racing employees. Not true at all, responded Rick Hendrick and Joe Gibbs. Even Roger Penske couldn’t defend his driver on this one, and said Keselowski had some “information that might not be right,” which was a nice way of saying Keselowski didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.

The champ reminds me of the kid in school who was never included in anything, and as a result, ran his yap at the other kids all the time as a defense mechanism. There is a giant chip on his shoulder and it’s evident every time he goes on one of these tirades about people, teams or issues in the sport. If you believe what Keselowski says or insinuates, then he’s much smarter than his peers and those in the media. He’s far superior to any of us. And he’s way cooler.

Have you noticed how he desperately wants to be quoted in the media and how desperately he wants the spotlight? That’s why he talks about stuff he has no business talking about. The guy wants to be the “expert opinion” on all issues in NASCAR, but he’s simply not. His opinions and accusations increasingly are baseless and unfounded, yet he continues to just throw stuff out there and hope something sticks to the wall. Keselowski wants to be respected but he hasn’t earned it in this regard yet. He’s not a four or five-time champion whose opinion people revere, and he is losing more and more credibility with each incident.

First, he turned heads by alleging the Hendrick teams were cheating but that Penske Racing doesn’t work in the “gray area.” But oops — they were infamously busted in pre-race inspection this year and suffered steep penalties and fines for their illegal parts. Then, Keselowski charged NASCAR is targeting his team, and that what was going on in the garage area was “shameful,” telling reporters none of them had any idea about the situation. And his latest mumblings last week were that his employees were being stolen by Gibbs and Hendrick. Wow — that’s a hell of a vendetta someone must have against Keselowski and his team. Heck, even Roger Penske knows he was out of line, and you can bet Penske is not too happy with his young driver.

I really feel bad for “The Captain.” He endured the Busch era, listening to him yell, scream and curse on the radio on a nearly weekly basis, and now he has a driver who holds his temper better but can’t hold his tongue. I actually think I’d take the screaming hothead over the know-it-all who really knows very little.

Keselowski needs to get his head out of his you-know-what and act like a true champion instead of a little “yip-yip” dog who won’t shut up. It’s time to represent himself, his team and the sport better, because his recent behavior is an embarrassment for any driver, much less the reigning champion.