Atlanta brings Olympians to track

Atlanta Motor Speedway brought some golden talent to the track Sunday afternoon.

Local gold medalists DeeDee Trotter, Vincent Hancock and Jamie Lynn Gray were on sight touring the track and planning to take in Sunday’s AdvoCare 500. 

Trotter was a member of the 4×400 track and field relay team that won the gold medal at the Summer Olympics. She also won bronze in the 400.

“Of course, NASCAR is huge, so you can’t not know anything about it, but I’ve never experienced it at this level,” Trotter said. “But I love cars, and obviously I have a need for speed, whether it’s using my feet or in a car, and I definitely feel the adrenaline already. My heart is starting to pound because it’s just going to be so fast. I’m looking forward to being so close to the action.”

Gray won gold in the 50-meter three-position women’s rifle event.

Hancock, a two-time gold medalist in skeet shooting (2008 and 2012), is no stranger to NASCAR.

“I grew up on racing and have been to several tracks, but Atlanta is my favorite,” Hancock said. “I love how fast this place is.”