NASCAR’s Harvick takes soaked slide around bases

Kevin Harvick ditched the victory burnout for a sloshy slide

into home plate.

With rain coming down, Harvick took off his socks, turned his

hat backward and slid headfirst into all three bases, before taking

one final big bellyflop into the plate Wednesday night. The NASCAR

star has was challenged to make the soggy run by Mark Butler, a

co-owner of the Harrisburg Senators.

Harvick and Clint Bowyer were scheduled to throw the first pitch

after they played in a softball game between members of Dover

International Speedway and Pocono Raceway.

Harvick and Bowyer good-naturedly joked about the idea during a

media availability. Butler then offered to donate $5,000 to

charity. Bowyer balked at running. But Harvick got a few hundred

fans to return to their seats to watch him splash and dash around

the tarp like former Baltimore Orioles catcher Rick Dempsey.

Butler says he’ll donate the money to the Kevin Harvick


Harvick ran at Metro Bank Park. The Senators are the Double-A

affiliate of the Washington Nationals.