NASCAR using ethanol mix in fuel for 2011

Officials from

NASCAR and Sunoco announced on

Saturday that a 15 percent ethanol blend will be used in race

fuel for all

three of

NASCAR’s national touring series,

beginning in 2011.

NASCAR and Sunoco held a press

conference at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the

site of Saturday’s 500-mile Sprint Cup Series race.

The ethanol mix — known as Sunoco Green E15 — will be blended

at Sunoco’s

fuel facility in Marcus Hook, PA. The American-made corn

ethanol will come in

part from the gasoline manufacturer’s new facility in Fulton,

NY. The new fuel

will be pumped directly from tankers at the track, rather

than from on-site

underground storage tanks.

NASCAR team engine builders have

been testing the fuel for several months, and

response has been positive. Many teams reported an increase

in horsepower.

“What we know from the testing is that the fuel that we’ve

chosen and the fuel

that was ultimately developed by Sunoco is going to be

cleaner burning,”

NASCAR Chairman and Chief Executive

Officer Brian France said during the

announcement. “It’s going to be actually, from a performance

standpoint, we’re

actually going to be better. I’m told the drivers will have a

little more

horsepower and so on.”