NASCAR Officially Announces Name Of Premier Series

The wait is over for race fans and the process of finding a new title sponsor and naming said sponsor is officially over for NASCAR. On Monday NASCAR announced the new name of their premier series which is being sponsored by Monster Energy.

NASCAR’s new premier series will be known as the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. With the announcement of the new series name also came the debut of a new logo for the series and a new NASCAR logo. NASCAR had been using the same logo since the 1970’s but come January 1 that logo will be no more.

The new series logo and the logo for the Monster Energy Cup Series can be seen by clicking HERE.

Ahead of the announcement there was some speculation that the new series would be called the NASCAR Monster Cup Series or the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series. Today’s announcement proved that speculation to be wrong and brought with it the rebranding announcement.

Shifting their branding is something that has been in the works since earlier this year and it should not come as a surprise to anyone. Race officials has seen their numbers fall off across the board in terms of TV ratings and attendance over the last decade. This drop has also resulted in many tracks eliminating seats during that same period of time.

The change in brand is sure to be one of the many things that the sport is going to be doing in an effort to gain new fans and younger fans. Bringing on Monster Energy is another move that could help attract new fans and younger fans give their broad appeal to that demographic.

Over the last two decades race fans have seen the Winston Cup Series shift to the Nextel Cup Series, before becoming the Sprint Cup Series. Come the beginning of the year they will see their title series change again and this time they must be hoping that it sparks an upward trend for the sport.

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