NASCAR exec Steve O’Donnell: ‘Any actions of abuse will not be tolerated’

Following the indefinite suspension of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Kurt Busch Friday night, NASCAR Executive vice president and chief racing development officer Steve O’Donnell met with reporters at the Daytona International Speedway Infield Media Center.

O’Donnell read the following statement to the media:

"As we stated last year, NASCAR fully recognized the serious nature of the specific situation involving Kurt Busch, and the broader issue of domestic violence. Based on our review of the available details, including the court’s findings that were released earlier today, NASCAR has indefinitely suspended driver Kurt Busch. He has been indefinitely suspended based on the rulebook for Section 12.1.a: Actions detrimental to stock car racing, and Section 12.8, which is a behavioral penalty.

"Kurt Busch and Stewart-Haas Racing are fully aware of why we made this decision, and as with any suspended membership, Kurt will have the right to appeal, and if he does elect to appeal, NASCAR will expedite the appeal process.

"NASCAR has made it very clear to our entire membership and the broader industry that any actions of abuse will not be tolerated in the industry. I want to make it clear that any inference that there is a culture or a tolerance for this type of behavior is patently false.

"We do not plan to comment further tonight, as this is an ongoing legal matter in Delaware, so we won’t be taking any questions. I appreciate your time tonight. Thank you."