Michigan, Phoenix make paving progress

Michigan International Speedway and Phoenix International Raceway are both making progress with ongoing paving projects.

Michigan International Speedway began the opening phase of its project immediately following the June 19 NASCAR race weekend at the track. Thirty days into the project, pit road has been repaved, which completes the first phase.

Some of the highlights of that phase include a drainage trench that was installed below the white line in the turns and on the frontstretch to collect water trapped in the existing pavement and reduce potential for weepers; pit road was milled to a depth of nine inches as part of the process; and the pavement has been laid to match the edges of the existing concrete pit stalls on the drivers’ left, and the existing curb and gutter on drivers’ right smoothly.

This is the first repave the track has received since 1995 and just the fourth time overall. The track was built in 1968. The track was repaved in 1977, 1986 and 1995.

Before the Aug. 21 NASCAR race weekend, the track is working to complete striping pit road and grading and grassing apron areas. The second phase of the estimated $7 million project is scheduled to begin Aug. 22.

Phoenix completed the demolition phase of its repaving project earlier this month. The track and pit road paved areas have been removed, as have the concrete walls between Turns 3 and 5, the old pit road concrete wall and jump wall and crews have removed SAFER barriers, catchfencing and 70 light fixtures from around the track.

The grading crews have completed the placement of fill material needed to construct new variable banked turns and the modified dogleg portion of the track. The concrete crews have completed placement of concrete for the new jump wall and pit road wall, and they have constructed a portion of the new exterior crash wall on the backstretch.

Phoenix will host the penultimate NASCAR Chase for the Sprint Cup race on Nov. 13.