McMurray ready for first race as Daytona champ

Jamie McMurray says he had a “different feeling” in the garage

area than ever before when he got to California.

It’s his first race since winning the Daytona 500, a victory

that made for a whirlwind week of appearances and interviews.

McMurray said Friday that it’s unbelievable how peers and fans

have treated him since winning NASCAR’s biggest race.

He says the goal now is to “get focused” and not let all the

off-track congratulations get in the way at California.

McMurray says he’s ready to get back in the cockpit. While it

was an enjoyable week, he says driving will be less tiring than

what he’s already done this week.

He woke up with a sore throat Friday, but says he took

antibiotics because he didn’t want to get sick for Sunday.